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Apple & Qualcomm Settle Global Licensing Dispute

Announce that all suits against one another have been dropped

Apple and Qualcomm have announced a settlement to their sprawling technology licensing dispute, dropping all lawsuits against one another.

In settling the dispute, which dates back to January 2017, Apple has agreed to make an unspecified payment to Qualcomm. The companies have also forged a six-year global patent licensing agreement for Qualcomm technology, as well as the re-introduction of Qualcomm hardware — including modems — into Apple’s iPhones.

Apple had pushed back against what it said were Qualcomm’s unreasonable patent licensing demands. The San Diego tech vendor, the Silicon Valley giant said, was abusing its high level of leverage for essential wireless tech patents.

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For Qualcomm, which makes the bulk of its revenue on patent licensing, the battle was somewhat existential. The tide turned for the company with important recent rulings against Apple in Germany and China.

Although the fight had raged for two years, the two companies only entered a U.S. courtroom this week. In fact, the settlement was reportedly announced as opening arguments were being introduced.