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App Growth For Windows Phones Hits New Roadblock?

Has Microsoft’s Windows Bridge For Android turned into a bridge too far?

Microsoft is behind schedule in offering tools that would let app developers easily turn their Android apps into Windows 10 Mobile apps. In fact, the project could be dead, according to one report.

The Windows Bridge For Android tools, announced in April, would help Microsoft expand the selection of Widows Mobile apps in its apps store, whose selection is limited compared to the number of Android and iOS apps available.

Another project, however, is on track to let iOS-app developers port their apps to Windows 10 Mobile.

The Windows Bridge for Android tools would let app developers build apps for Windows 10 Mobile by reusing their Android code, but it has run into difficulties. The leading reasons include:

*pushback from Windows app developers;

*technical issues causing the Windows 10 Mobile OS to slow down; and

*potential legal issues with the way the porting is accomplished.