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Antivirus Software Tops Sales In Early May

Antivirus titles dominated software sales for the first week of May, while the buzz surrounding the release of the new Star Wars movie drove sales of “Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast” into the top 10, according to data from NPDTechworld.

Norton Antivirus 8.0 was the bestseller for the week with about 50,000 copies being sold, and its sister title Norton System Works 2002 5.0 took third with about 25,000 copies getting picked up.

Steve Koenig, NPDTechworld’s senior software analyst, said these titles have been performing well for several weeks. This happened despite no major viruses being released. Antivirus software sales normally spike when a virus makes the news, but Koenig thought consumers are more aware of the danger and might simply be taking precautions.

Game software took four of the top 10 spots. “Star Wars” was in ninth place behind “The Sims: Vacation Expansion Pack,” “Dungeon Siege” and “The Sims.” Microsoft’s Windows XP Home Edition upgrade grabbed the remaining slot on the NPDTechworld list.

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