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Antenna Maker Mohu Adds OTA TV Finder Tool

Raleigh, N.C. — Mohu, an HDTV antenna manufacturer, launched Wednesday its “TV-For-Free” web tool that is said to simplify the process of finding free TV and HD channels broadcast in local neighborhoods across the country.

The web-based easy-to-use TV-For-Free tool requires users to input a home address or ZIP code to display a list of available channels and sub-channels alongside the antennas needed to access them.

TV-for-Free was designed by Mohu to help consumers eliminate the spiraling costs of paid television service.

Mohu pointed out that accessing free TV over the air can supplement viewing of over-the-top online TV options and help “eliminate the spiraling costs of paid cable and satellite television services.”

According to Mohu, searching for a listing of free broadcast TV channels in a specific location and figuring out the right antenna to buy is often a complex and inaccurate process.

The TV-For-Free tool provides an intuitive interface displaying available channels and sub-channels, including those broadcasting in high definition.

The tool taps into data from the more than 1,800 broadcast towers located across all 50 U.S. states. In addition, it helps determine the right kind of antenna consumers will need in order to receive the channels they want.

“Twenty-two of the top 25 most popular television programs in the United States are broadcast over the air for free,” stated Mark Buff, Mohu co-founder and president. “A quick search on TV-For-Free allows anyone to find the stations available to them, which is a great help when looking for ways to trim cable or satellite bills.”

By simply entering their ZIP code or actual street address, people can view a map with detailed information on which stations are available and the distance of broadcast towers from their location.

TV-For-Free offers an easy way to match people with the proper antenna to help them watch the channels they want, the company said.

Mohu also carries a line of OTA HDTV antennas, including the Mohu Leaf and SkyHDTV models.

TV-For-Free currently provides information on local over-the-air TV broadcast reception in all 50 U.S. states and will add coverage for Canada in the coming months, Mohu said.