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Amoisonic Introduces Next-Gen ‘DVD Transceiver’

Amoisonic is shipping in December a next-generation network DVD player called the “DVD tranceiver,” which is designed to wirelessly relay audio and video signals from the player to multiple rooms in a home.

The DVD transceiver (model TR-8001), will make its debut under the company’s Sungale mass distribution line. It ships as a package carrying a $139.95 suggested retail price including the DVD player/transceiver with built-in 2.4GHz transmitter, RF remote control, and a receiver station that can be placed in a remote room up to 30 feet from the transceiver.

The company also plans to introduce a “commercial-grade” version of the system, called the TR-8000 (price to be determined), which will send signals greater distances, for use in multilevel buildings and homes.

The DVD half of the package is a fully functioning progress-scan DVD player, which is compatible with MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video files; MP3 and WMA audio files; JPEG and KodakCD image files; and audio CDs. A USB port is included to playback MPEG-4 videos from portable hard disk drive A/V players.

The receiver station features composite video output terminals to connect to a television set. Amoisonic has also developed an easy one-touch setup system.

Amoisonic will also supply add-on receiver stations ($29.95 each) and RF remote controls ($19.95 each), which users can distribute to additional rooms.

The RF remote control enables users to control the DVD player from distant rooms without the need for a line-of-sight pathway to the player.