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Amazon Prime Video Now Permits Offline Downloads

Amazon just sweetened the Prime pot a bit more.

Beginning today, Prime members will be able to download Amazon Video content to Apple and Android devices for offline viewing. (The feature has already been available on Fire devices for some time.)

It’s a clear shot against its largest streaming-service competitor, the Wi-Fi- and/or data-reliant Netflix.  

Users may need to update their Amazon Video app to take advantage of the feature.

The new benefit couldn’t come at a better time for the e-tailer. The Wall Street Journal reported a few days ago that Amazon is scaling back portions of its signature two-day shipping as part of a trial program known as Ship by Region. Under the program, select third-party merchants that still qualify as Prime-eligible sellers will be able to determine the regions they’re able to ship within that two-day window.

TWICE reached out to Amazon for comment but hadn’t received a response as of this posting.