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Amana Beefs Up Microwave Line

AMANA, IOWA -Amana’s decision to eschew the International Housewares Show, along with most other trade events, hasn’t crimped its new product rollouts.

Within the microwave oven arena, the company is introducing a broadened selection of over-the-range and countertop Radarange units. Among the former: A top-capacity 1.8-cubic-foot line with recessed turntable and rapid defrost and hold/warm features. Select models also boast a sensor-cooking feature that detects when food is cooked.

The units, which hit stores in May, will be available in white, black, bisque and stainless steel (including full stainless-steel front, handles and grill). Suggested retails will range from $379 to $549.

In countertops, Amana is launching seven new Radarange models, ranging from 600 watts to 1,100 watts of power and from 0.7 cubic feet to 2.1 cubic feet of capacity.

The line includes a stylish, translucent-front unit tentatively called Zapster and a stainless steel convection model that is built-in capable. All models have larger cavities and are available in black and white, with select models also available in bisque. (Zapster models also come in blue and purple.)

Features on select countertop models include recessed turntables, sensor cooking, stage cooking and rapid/auto defrost. The line is expected to hit stores in May with suggested retail prices ranging from $89 to $499.