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Altec Lansing Going Up-Market

Altec Lansing is stepping up its portable Bluetooth-speaker selection in price point to $299 with the launch of the IMW888 omnidirectional speaker, one of the industry’s first with IP68 waterproof and dust-tight rating.

It’s also the company’s first Bluetooth speaker to pair with more than one Bluetooth source at a time and the company’s first to let users play the same song through multiple speakers at a time.

Up to seven can be used at once to play the same song from a Bluetooth-equipped device. Up to three phones can be paired simultaneously to one speaker so that one person doesn’t have to disconnect to let another person stream.

It’s the brand’s first Bluetooth speaker with 100-foot range compared to the 30- and 50-foot ranges of its other models, which are priced from $39 to $199.

Key features include battery that lasts more than 50 hours, dual power banks, and IP68 rating, meaning it is dust-tight and can be continuously immersed in water. Like other Altec models, it also floats.