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Alcatel OneTouch Goes Home In Berlin

China-based Alcatel OneTouch went to IFA 2015 in Berlin in order to go home.

The mobile-phone and tablet company launched products optimized for in-home use, including a 17.3-inch “boombox” tablet with multiposition kickstand, slide-out carry handle, and gesture control. Gesture control makes it possible to use the tablet on a kitchen countertop without getting the screen messy.

The other home product is a Wi-Fi music streamer that incorporates Qualcomm AllPlay wireless-multiroom audio technology. It can be added to existing stereo systems or active speakers.

Other new products in the company’s traditional product portfolio include new smartphones, tablets and a new smart watch.

The company didn’t disclose prices or say whether the new products would come to the U.S.

The big-screen tablet is the Android Xess with stainless-steel body, built-in multi-position stand, pull-out handle, and built-in stylus. The kickstand allows for flat placement and 30-, 50-, and 75-degree angles. Flat is intended for gaming, while 30 degrees can be used for drawing and sketching. Fifty degrees can be used for following recipes while cooking, and 75 degrees can be used for video watching, the company said.

The included SketchBook app offers a variety of different brushes, colors and effects for use with the stylus. The Onetouch Mix app lets amateur DJs equalize, loop and insert effects to songs that can be played back through two 3-watt JBL speakers.

Other features include 10-point touchscreen for precise gaming and octa-core processor.

Also for the home, the Wi-Fi Music Box incorporates Qualcom’s AllPlay wireless-multiroom audio platform, which connects existing stereo systems or active speakers to a home’s Wi-Fi network to stream music from Android or iOS phones, embedded Internet music services, and networked computers. Songs can be streamed simultaneously to Music Boxes throughout the house with control from an Android or iOS app.

For the car, Alcatel OneTouch launched the 4G Car Wi-Fi, a hot spot that connects up to 15 Wi-Fi products to the Internet via a 4G network. Its stick-like chassis, which plugs into a car’s power port, features LED display and charges mobile devices through an integrated USB port. A dedicated application for iOS and Android mobile devices lets users control and update the device.

Other introductions include the Go Watch, one of the first products in the company’s new Go line of active-user products. The smart watch is compatible with iOS and Android devices and features IP67 waterproof and dustproof certification. It’s also shockproof. It displays smartphone notifications and features gyroscope, heart rate sensor and accelerometer, all of which are used to create an “emotion pulse measurement” when a button is pressed.

Other features include two- to five-day battery life and changeable front casing and wrist bands.

Alcatel OneTouch is a TCL Communication brand. TCL Communications is part of CE maker TCL Corp.