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AIMS Breaks Up Bootlegging Scam

AIMS Labs recently uncovered a bootlegging operation in Europe that placed TV and radio computer tuner cards on the market under the AIMS brand name, although the company did not produce the products.

AIMS’ director of sales and marketing Michael Ehlenberger said products called TV Live and Radio Live began appearing in Europe, primarily the Netherlands, about 30 days ago. A shipment was also discovered in Miami, but AIMS is unsure if the U.S. market has been penetrated by the fakes.

AIMS will not press charges or name the company that ran the operation, Ehlenberger said, unless it continues to ship the products. AIMS believes the legal expenses outweigh any gains that could be made, he added.

AIMS was tipped off to the scam when its tech support center began receiving calls for products it did not produce, Ehlenberger said. While AIMS produces both radio and TV tuner cards, it does not market them under the TV Live or Radio Live names, he said. The imposter tuner cards can be spotted by the “Made in Taiwan” mark on the motherboard. AIMS products are made in Singapore.