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Aerovation To Ship Checkpoint-Friendly Trolley Bag

Aerovation has added a new wrinkle to the airport “checkpoint-friendly” computer bag and luggage category with its latest offering, the wheeled CPF trolley bag.

The bag has a unique hinge design that opens downward. The compartment on the front of the bag holds the laptop computer by itself. This compartment swings out so the whole trolley bag can lay flat on the belt for X-ray scanning.

There are two versions of the trolley bag, one with a permanent hinge and one with a zippered hinge so the laptop compartment can be removed to carry the laptop by itself. Both versions feature a wide wheel spread for stability, extra padding to protect valuables and a retractable handle that clears the X-ray beam, the company said.

After the bag leaves the X-ray tunnel the user grabs the handle and picks it up, and the bag shape is restored automatically.

Aerovation founder Ben Bosma commented on the design: “A common misconception by other designers is their belief that TSA wants to see a laptop computer during security screening. They really want to see inside the laptop computer housing. Most of our competitors set out to create a bin-like environment for the laptop during inspection. This defeats the purpose of protecting the computer and making it easy for the user. That’s why you see so many supposedly checkpoint-friendly laptop bags that open up like a book leaving the laptop computer exposed and requiring the user to disassemble and reassemble the bag in the crowded and chaotic checkpoint line. We wanted our customers to grab and go and that’s what we’ve achieved with all our designs.”