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Acer Reworks Aspire Desktop Line


— Acer revamped its Aspire
desktop PC line recently with the introduction of
new all-in-one models, more gaming PCs and a
new net-top.

The two new all-in-one models are the Aspire
AZ5700-U3112 and the AZ3100-U3072.

The first model carries a $1,099 suggested retail,
while the latter comes in at $599.

The AZ5700 has a 23-inch multi-touch HD display
and a TV tuner, enabling it to operate as an
entertainment center, the company said. It is powered
by an Intel Core i5 3.2GHz processor, has
4GB of DDR3 SDRAM, a 1TB hard drive, 5.1 audio
and a DVD burner. Other features include an HDMI
port and six USB ports.

The AZ3100 has a slightly smaller 21.5-inch HD
display. It uses an AMD Athlon II 170u processor
with 3GB of DDR3 SDRAM, 5.1 audio, a 500GB
hard drive, and integrated webcam and mic.

Both are available starting Sept. 28.

In the gaming area, Acer has added the AG5900
and the AG7750 to its Predator gaming computer
line. Both models are now available with respective
suggested retails of $1,349 and $1,999.

The AG7750 is Acer’s flagship gaming platform.
It sports an Intel quad-core i7 930 processor with
Turbo Boost technology. The graphics are run by
an Nvidia GeForce GTX470 graphics card, and the
PC has a three-way SLI certified graphics motherboard
capable of running three GPUs. When combined
with Acer’s 3D monitor, the GTX470 can
also run 3D games using Nvidia’s 3D Vision that
can turn a conventional PC game into 3D.

The AG7750 has 12GB of DDR3 SDRAM, liquid
cooling, 7.1-channel audio and 2TB of hard-drive
storage, with a total hard-drive capacity of 8TB
when the three empty hard-drive bays are filled to
capacity with 2TB drives.

The AG5900 has an Intel Core i7 870 processor
with Intel Turbo Boost technology. It features ATI’s
Radeon HD 5858 graphics with 1TB of dedicated
wmemory, and the unit itself has 8GB of DDR3
SDRAM and a 1.5TB hard drive.

The unit comes with one empty 5.25-inch optical-
drive bay, three open 3.5-inch hard-drive bays
and two open PCI Express slots. There are a total
of 12 USB ports, an HDMI port and three audio
jacks. For gamers heading out to LAN parties, it
comes equipped with a handle for easy transporting.

Closing out the new introductions is the AspireRevo
AR3700 net-top. The company said it has
increased the performance of this hardcover-booksize
computer with the addition of an Intel Atom
D525 dual-core processor and Nvidia Ion graphics
that is capable of playing back 1,080p video and
PC games.

Other features include 2GB of DDR3 SDRAM,
a 250GB hard drive, HD audio support, six USB
drives, built-in Wi-Fi and a wireless keyboard.

It is now shipping with a $349 suggested retail.