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Accessories Line Brings New Uses For Polaroid Cube Cam

Polaroid introduced six new accessories and mounts designed specifically for its Cube HD lifestyle action video camera family.

The accessories and mounts are not only designed for the compact, 35mm square body of the Polaroid Cube and Wi-Fi-enabled Polaroid Cube+, but they also take full advantage of the camera’s powerful built-in magnet, said C&A Marketing, which has licensed the Polaroid brand.

New accessories include:

Polaroid Cube Eye Mount ($12.99): The Eye Mount (features a strong suction cup to adhere the Polaroid Cube to glass or other smooth surfaces. The accessory allows for front, rear or side mounting.

Polaroid Cube Plate Mount ($12.99): The slim Plate Mount allows users to mount their Cube or Cube+ to almost any flat non-metal surface, according to the company, making it ideal for a car dash, shelf, table or desk. The plate mount features an integrated magnet mount for a stable shot.

Polaroid Cube Flexi-Pod ($19.99): This mount, which features five legs, is crafted from flexible stainless steel that’s wrapped in premium silicone, engineered to be lightweight, pliable and durable. The Flexi-Pod can be used to hold, wrap, prop or hang the Cube from almost anywhere, said the company, while non-slip dots and metal mounts for the camera’s built-in magnets ensure a secure hold. At 2.6 ounces, the Flexi-Pod is designed to fold for easy storage.

Polaroid Cube Sticky Mount ($12.99): Designed to work with the Polaroid Cube waterproof case, the Sticky Mount includes a sturdy base with double-sided self-adhesive for attachment to nearly any flat surface. Ideal for such water sports as surfing and jet skis, the mount also includes a connected lanyard for added protection in case of detachment.

Polaroid Cube Shot Glass ($14.99): Made from plastic, the bottom of the glass features a camera holder.

Polaroid Cube Magnet Mount ($6.99): This mount is designed to turn the Cube or Cube+ into a selfie camera. The mount fits all standard 0.25-inch 20 tripods or monopods and offers a stable connection thanks to the camera’s strong built-in magnet, said the company.

“We’ve been so impressed over the past two years seeing the creative ways users have been able to capture and share their lives using the Polaroid Cube family of products,” said Scott W. Hardy, president and CEO of Polaroid. “Our new line of accessories will open up even more doors for Polaroid Cube users to let their creativity shine, and document and share their most memorable adventures.”

All of the accessories are currently available.