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525 Million PlayStations Sold Since Launch: Sony

Marking milestone of over 500M consoles sold

The PlayStation will soon see a special edition version of the Pro launch, with Sony eager to celebrate the massive milestone of over 500 million PlayStations sold.

This version will cost $499 and feature a 2TB internal hard drive — the first time a PlayStation console has featured HDD capacity that high as standard.

The original PlayStation launched in Japan in December 1994, and while the new console is to celebrate the 500 million mark, PlayStation sales across all devices actually hit 525.3 million – 81.2 million of them being PS4s.

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There will be 50,000 of the translucent blue special edition units manufactured and released for sale to the public, which is sure to end up doing good business for eBay. The special edition 500 million Dualshock 4 ($64.99) and ‘Gold Wireless Headeset 500 Million Edition’ ($99.99) will be available separately, so you won’t have to buy an entire console to join in the festivities. Pre-orders open online on Aug. 14.