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3TB ReadyNAS Introduced

Infrarent Technologies, a maker of high-end hard drives, introduced a network attached storage drive capable of holding 3TB of data at the Digital Life show, held here last week.

The ReadyNAS is about the size of a toaster and has four internal bays each capable of holding a 750GB SATA internal hard drive. The company is positioning the ReadyNAS as the ideal solution for prosumers, small business or general consumers that intend to store large amounts of video.

It is now shipping with a $650 suggested retail price without any included drives and $999 with 1TB of storage. It ships with a Seagate drive, but it can take any SATA drive currently on the market.

It is on sale through and and will soon enter distribution through Ingram Micro, the company said.

The company also showed its Repertoire fanless NAS designed for the audiophile market.

The unit looks like a standard audio component, but contains four hard drives with up to 3TB of storage. The 3TB version carries a $5,000 suggested retail price and is only available through custom installers. It connects directly to a home’s A/V system through gigabit Ethernet network.