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2Wire Breaks Into Networking With Gateway

LAS VEGAS -Internet hardware maker 2Wire will unveil three new products at CES this week, including a residential gateway.

The 2Wire HomePortal 1500W enables the creation of a DSL-based broadband home network. The gateway is compatible with HomePNA, 802.11B wireless USB and Ethernet home-networking hardware. It is bundled with firewall security software and a DSL modem.

The 1500W is designed specifically for consumer use and requires only a small amount of configuring by the home user, 2Wire said.

The company will also offer a simple USB/Home PNA 2.0-based home-networking system. The 2Wire PC Port is an adapter that plugs into a PC’s USB port and connects into a home’s phone line to create a network. The adapters allow multiple PCs to share a single ISP, and the system will allow simultaneous Web access and telephone use.

At press time, information regarding pricing and shipping for the PC Port and HomePortal 1500W was not available.

The final 2Wire product is the Integrated Communications System, a complete broadband solution for delivering voice and data services over a home network or for a small business environment.

The ICS allows end users to review voice messages, e-mail and faxes from a PC or phone; can turn off a phone system’s ringer at a predetermined time each day; has call blocking to stop children from dialing 900/976 toll-charge numbers; and includes videoconferencing software.

It will carry a $999 suggested retail price. A ship date was unavailable.