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2017 TWICE VIP Award Winner, Headphones $300+: Blue Satellite Premium Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphone

Blue’s Satellite features a built-in audiophile amp and two separate pairs of drivers to ensure the high-fidelity experience is never compromised. Satellite’s proprietary amp is perfectly paired with Blue’s premium, custom-tuned 44mm ultra-responsive dynamic drivers to deliver every detail of the music with clarity and punch. Three all-analog amp modes — including Off, On and On+ — allow listeners to activate the onboard amplifier, and restore the missing low end to vinyl-era music. Instead of using one pair of drivers for both audio and ANC (active noise cancelling), Satellite incorporates two separate drivers in each earcup — one dedicated to high-fidelity audio, and one dedicated to noise cancelling. This proprietary design eliminates noise without degrading sound quality so users can enjoy a high-fidelity listening experience free from the distractions of the environment. It offers Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology and AptX connectivity, while the precision acoustic ear cups present a rich and detailed sound stage, contributing to the finely tuned sonic experience. The compact form factor folds down and slips into the provided protective carrying case for easy portability and storage.