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2011 Arrival Date Set For Lexmark Genesis


Lexmark reported it will start shipping
its Genesis all-in-one printer in early 2011.

Unlike most printers, the $399 Genesis stands upright
on a desk and opens like a manila folder to admit paper.
It has a 10-megapixel imaging sensor and a 4.3-inch preview
touchscreen LCD along with connections to Facebook
and Twitter.

The company said the printer’s unconventional upright
posture is to limit its desktop footprint. Lexmark claimed it
reduces the footprint by 30 percent. To ensure items being
printed or copied do not shift, there is a ledge on the
bottom of the glass copy surface and clips to hold photos
and paper in place.

The web-enabled Genesis can directly upload images
to the social-media sites or give users direct Internet
access to Lexmark’s SmartSolutions printing software.
It also utilizes the company’s Vizix print technology that
features separate ink cartridges.

The Genesis uses 802.11n Wi-Fi for web connectivity;
it has a maximum color print speed of 30 ppm and
a resolution of 4,800 by 1,200. Other features include
a copy speed of 25 copies per minute, duplex printing,
a 100-page capacity and full photo-printing capability.