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1394 Interface Logos Unveiled

CEA’s Video Division Board approved a series of 1394 interface logos that manufacturers can apply to products and packaging to help consumers identify 1394-equipped products that interoperate when connected.

The matching-logos identification and self-certification program was needed because not all products with 1394 connectors are intended to plug into one another. The 1394 standard, CEA explained, doesn’t standardize the different types of content that can be streamed over the 1394 physical layer.

Three of the four logos are named DTVLink, DVDLink and WebLink. The fourth is for camcorder connections.

The baseline “DTVLink” label will apply to a product capable of interfacing with other products with the following minimum attributes: a 1394 serial connection; conformity with the applicable EIA/CEA technology and standards profiles based on EIA-849, and use of the Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP or 5C) system.

DTCP is an encryption and authentication technology that protects content during transfers over a digital connection in a home network.