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12 Companies Form DVD-RW Promo Group

TOKYO, Japan – Twelve companies have joined forces to “formulate promotional activities for products based on the Pioneer-developed DVD-RW disc recording format,” according to a press statement released here.

The group, which is called RW Products Promotion Initiative (RWPPI), is comprised of seven hardware manufacturers and five disc manufacturers, including Fuji Photo Film, Hitachi, Maxell, Kenwood, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Chemical, Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Video, Sanyo Electronic, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Samsung Electronics.

The DVD Forum has approved both the DVD-RW and DVD-RAM formats. The RWPPI will “harmonize its activities with the DVD Forum” to promote greater understanding of DVD-RW commercialization and marketing initiatives among member companies to encourage “broad market acceptance” and customer satisfaction, the statement said.

“Furthermore, RWPPI will cooperate for smooth introduction of other DVD recording formats, such as DVD-RAM and DVD-R, when the products become available in the consumer market.”

Initially the RWPPI coordination office will be located at Pioneer’s headquarters in Meguro, Tokyo. Mr. Masao Sugimoto, Executive Vice-President of Pioneer Corporation, is expected to serve as representative of RWPPI.

The RWPPI coordination office will seek the participation from other hardware and disc manufacturing companies worldwide, who can support the objectives of the RWPPI. The first RWPPI meeting will be called in June and regular meetings will be planned thereafter.

The group set the following goals as its mission statement:

  • To propose standardized product specifications, such as how to express recording time.
  • To propose and conduct joint product promotions and campaigns.
  • To promote and secure recording and playback compatibility among hardware and disc products.
  • To promote the DVD-RW products as PC peripherals.
  • To exchange information on enhancing the efficiency of product development, such as the exchange information on available key parts among member companies.
  • To study the recording and playback compatibility between DVD-RW and future recording formats such as +RW, etc.
  • To exchange information concerning copyright protection technologies, trends in the industry, and other related new technologies. N