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Retail Lesson To Learn

The Internet can be a double-edged sword capable of bringing in a great deal of wealth or disaster as Wisconsin-based discovered. According to...


CE’s Changes Seen At CES

International CES celebrated its 40th anniversary in Las Vegas earlier this month with many of its old friends — established consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers...


Go (away) Chargers!

The best technologies at CES aren’t always the flashiest (sorry all you 100-inch-plus TV makers, I only have a 10-foot by 12-foot family room)....


Hollywood And DRM

Is Hollywood more concerned with piracy or with using digital rights management (DRM) to create a “forced scarcity” to generate new revenue streams for...


CES Is 40, But It’s 25 For Me

The International Consumer Electronics Show, CES for short, celebrates its 40th year with this week’s show. For me, this show marks a personal milestone...


TWICE Expands Coverage Of CES

Welcome to the 2007 International CES. As we’ve probably mentioned on several special occasions over the years, the consumer electronics industry changes more often...


CES Begins Before It Begins

CES News Breaks Before CES Midway through what seems to be an all-day Continental Newark-to-Las Vegas flight, our pilot tells us that it is...


Software For Cub Scouts

I get inundated on a regular basis by companies pushing new software titles, but yesterday I ran across something new. While helping assemble the Pinewood...


War, What is it Good For?

Who wants more megapixels? Everyone, apparently. According to a survey from ChangeWave Research (pdf), more megapixels is far and away the most sought after...


Last Minute Shopping

My well-designed plan to start and finish all my Christmas shopping the week prior to the holiday was wiped out by a case of...


When Less Is More

The conventional wisdom has it that consumers buy surround sound systems for their immersive effect. While that’s no doubt overwhelmingly true, the Consumerist offers...


The Gift Of Music

Our friends at The NPD Group this week released a study pointing out that downloading video from free peer-to-peer (P2P) services is outpacing downloads...


Wii Don’t Need This Behavior

In a world where parents of teens and pre-teens attack coaches and opponents of their children’s teams, where road rage has escalated to shootings,...


Person of the Year!

Based on internal survey data, I know that many of our readers are skeptical about blogs. But now that Time Magazine has named me...



Welcome to TWICE’s newly designed Web site. If you were able to find your way into this blog area, you can see that there...

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