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ZVUE Service Adds 1,500 Video Titles

San Francisco — HandHeld Entertainment said it has licensed more than 1,500 feature films and television programs from Worldvision Cinema for its ZTV video download service supporting, its family of ZVUE portable media players.

The ZTV digital download store can be accessed at

HandHeld said that more than 50 of the 1,500 Worldvision Cinema films and television shows it has licensed are available for immediate download, with more titles to be added each week. The Worldvision Cinema library features early performances by such stars as Jackie Chan, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Demi Moore, John Wayne and W.C. Fields. Classic films from Alfred Hitchcock are also available.

The Worldvision Cinema partnership comes on the heels of recent HandHeld Entertainment announcements, including acquiring comedic movies from Fun Little Movies, extreme sports videos from TotalVid, independent films from and classic TV programs and cartoons from LikeTelevision.

HandHeld is selling its ZVUE players both online through its Web site and at more than 1,800 Wal-Mart locations in the United States. The $99 ZVUE player plays videos, digital photos, home movies and MP3 music files.

Worldvision Cinema is a diversified film library and content licensing company that provides classic and cult motion picture and television program entertainment to a worldwide selection of DVD publishers and satellite broadcasters.