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Zvox Holiday Sale Cuts Prices By $50-$100

Swampscott, Mass.Zvox reduced the price of five
single-chassis TV-audio systems by $50 to $100 during a “Recession Buster
Holiday Sale” running through Dec. 24.

The TV-audio systems connect to a TV’s audio outputs to amplify
TV output, widen the stereo stage, deliver deeper bass and provide virtual
surround effects.

The Zvox Z-Base 550 goes to $399 from $499. The Z-Base 525 goes
to $349 from $399, and the IncrediBase 575 goes to $699 from $799. All three
TV-audio systems are built into a platform for stand-mounted flat panel TVs. In
shelf- and wall-mountable sound bars, the Model 430 goes to $399 from $449, and
the Model 440 goes to $499 from $549.

“Our data indicates that many consumers will only spend a certain
percentage of the TV’s price on an audio upgrade, and this sale puts our five
newest products right in that range,” said Zvox founder Tom Hannaher. Hannaher
called $799 “the hottest and most critical price for a flat-panel TV this
season,” and he said his Z-Base 550 sale price comes in at “exactly 50 percent of
that target number.”

Zvox single-box home-theater solutions are available through Zvox
dealers and direct from the company at