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ZoomIt Shares Content On iPhone Without Syncing

San Francisco – ZoomMediaPlus today announced
the ZoomIt, an app-enabled iPhone/iPod accessory that lets users access and
share content from other CE devices without a need for syncing.

The ZoomIt
connects to an iPhone or iPod Touch via the bottom connector, and then reads
and shares content from an SD (any type or capacity) when inserted in to the
card slot of the ZoomIt. It reportedly supports all iPhone SDK 3.0 (or higher)
photos, music, videos and documents, including PPT, XLS, DOC and PDF files.

ZoomIt lets users
view, listen, transfer and share content via email, Facebook and Flickr, the
company said, and is compatible with all iPhone and Touch models and

ZoomMediaPlus said
the ZoomIt application will eventually support protected content types, allowing
streaming of licensed music, videos and other forms of protected content. When
TWICE contacted a company spokeswoman about a timeline for this feature, a
response was not received by press time.

Users will be
prompted to begin an automatic download of the ZoomIt app from Apple’s App
Store once they connect the ZoomIt accessory to their iPhone or Touch for the
first time.  The app can also be
downloaded to iTunes and synched to the iPhone or Touch when connected to a
computer. With the accessory connected and the SD card inserted, the user can
view and stream content directly from the SD card, the company said.

The ZoomIt
accessory will be available for shipment in April at a retail of $59.95. The
ZoomIt app will be free.