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Zoom Unveils HD A/V Pocket Video Cam

Hauppague, N.Y. – Zoom introduced Monday its first handheld video
recorder capable of capturing both the ultra high quality stereo audio and
FullHD 1080p video.

Due to the emphasis on sound fidelity, the Q3HD Handy Video
Recorder ($299 suggested retail) is being billed as the perfect video recording
capturing concerts and musical performances, in addition to every day events.

The company said anyone who has ever wanted high quality sound
and video recordings of live musical performances, rehearsals, recitals, news
events, lectures or sporting events will want to check out the Q3HD.

The camera offers the option of selecting 720p 30/60fps or 1080p/30fps
HD video recording. Picture fidelity is said to be high through the use of a
new lens and imaging sensor.

Files are recorded using the H.264 video codec at MOV files,
while audio can be captured in a variety of formats including 96K/24-bit WAV,
and up to DVD, CD and AAC standards.

The Q3HD uses the same microphone capsules as its high quality
audio recorder – the H4n Handy Recorder. With two on-board, studio quality
condenser mics configured in a wide 120 degree X/Y pattern.

High, Low and Auto level functions are offered to set sound
levels using an icon-based user interface.

The Q3HD can also be used with the video function disabled for
sound-only recordings.

For video, three light settings are offered including auto for
(indoors and outdoors), concert lighting, and night (low-light).

The lens includes a large aperture, and 4x digital zoom.

By turning the Q3HD on its side users can watch their videos in
“widescreen” 16:9 format on the built-in LCD monitor.

A built-in USB cable is offered for easy connection to PCs, and
an HDMI output allows direct connection to an HDTV.

Additionally, Zoom includes HandyShare software to edit and
upload movies to Web sites like YouTube and social networks.

Recordings are captured to SD cards, up to 32GBs in capacity. A 2GB
SD card is included with the camera, and will hold up to 45 minutes of HD Video
at a time.

Also included is HandyShare editing software and two AA

Zoom, which is based in Japan, uses Samson (based here) as its
U.S. distribution partner.

Mark Wilder, Samson’s marketing director for Zoom, said the Q3HD
will be available in October three retailers including




, Sam Ash, B&H and others.