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Zoom Telephonics Bows Entry-Priced Security

LAS VEGAS — Zoom Telephonics will travel to International CES to debut its ZoomGuard line of entry-priced home-monitoring systems.

The wireless systems are designed to be easily installed by consumers and operate with an annual service that starts at $9. Pricing for a starter system begins at $79.99.

Users can be notified about motion detection; the opening of doors, windows or drawers; water leaks, humidity levels or temperature; light levels; carbon monoxide or combustible gas presence; and electrical power consumption at an AC outlet. A smoke-detector attachment is said to operate with pre-installed smoke detectors.

Consumers can also use the systems to remotely control and program their central heating and air conditioning and for electrical equipment up to 16 amps, Zoom Telephonics said.

Alerts can be sent as smartphone messages, SMS text messages, voice calls, emails, tweets or Facebook messages. The systems can monitored and controlled using free Android, iPhone or web apps.

Once a consumer plugs an Internet link into his router, the ZoomGuard sensors and controls can connect wirelessly and cover up to 4,000 square feet. Users who require a larger space to cover can use more than one Internet link.

Consumers can choose from a variety of sensors depending on what they wish to monitor. The Multi-Sensor M ($39.99 suggested retail) monitors motion, temperature, water, light and door/window/drawer entry, while the Multi-Sensor H monitors humidity, temperature, water, light and door/window/drawer entry. Both are battery operated and have single-button arm and disarm. The arm and disarm button can also act as a panic button.

The sensor to monitor power, gas, temperature and light has a $49.99 price tag. It plugs into an AC outlet and provides remote switching for a power strip, air conditioner, heater, alarm or other device rated at 16 amps or less.

The add-on smoke-detector attachment ($49.99) can also detect humidity, temperature and light. A loud local alarm can be activated if the system detects a specified problem, according to the company.

Also $49.99 is a thermostat that will remotely monitor and control residential heating and/or air conditioning systems.

The ZoomGuard Starter Package comes with an Internet link and one Multi-Sensor M for $79.99. Three months of service are included.