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Zink Previews ‘Inkless Printing’

Palm Deser, Calif. — Zink Imaging introduced an “ink-free” digital photo printing technology at the Demo Show, here, this week.

The Massachusetts-based firm, which stands for Zero Ink, says the technology can reproduce full-color digital images without ink cartridges or ribbons. Instead, “Zink paper” with embedded dye crystals is heat activated by a Zink printer. Once heated, the crystals colorize to produce an image that is “durable and long-lasting” a spokesperson said.

The initial product can print a 2-inch by 3-inch photo in less than a minute. The company demonstrated the product as a stand-alone printer for use with a camera phone, which could retail for $99. It also showed a concept digital camera with a built-in printer, which the spokesperson said could retail for $199.

Larger print sizes are on the roadmap and partnerships to commercialize the technology are expected later in the year.

A video demonstration of the technology is available here.