ZigBee Certifies Enhanced-Spec Devices

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San Ramon, Calif. - The ZigBee Alliance has certified the first 17 devices to conform to its enhanced wireless home-automation standard.

The enhancements, which apply to the ZigBee and ZigBee Pro feature sets, improve network security and bring doorbells and window-shade motors into ZigBee networks, a spokesman said.

The 17 products are available from 4Home, AlertMe, Black & Decker, CentraLite, Control4, Jetlun, MMB Research, Netgear, Radio Thermostat and SerComm. The products include occupancy sensors, a door lock, light switches and dimmers, an appliance module and an Ethernet-ZigBee bridge to allow for remote home-system monitoring via the Internet.

The ZigBee standards enable interoperable networking among multiple home systems, including HVAC, lighting, security and home theater. The ZigBee Pro feature set "allows for more communication options for bigger networks with thousands of devices, among other features,"  including enhanced ease of use, a spokesman said.


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