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Zero Surge Debuts TSC Technology

Zero Surge, a surge suppression technology company and manufacturer of power quality filters, will be showing its WVR-TSC (wide voltage range, total surge cancellation) technology. Zero Surge can be found at booth 71826 at the Sands. TSC is designed to offer powerline protection that cancels damaging surge energy, the company said. Because TSC cancels damaging surge voltage at the output, terms like response time, clamping voltage, suppressed voltage, let-through voltage, Joule rating, maximum current rating, etc., are not relevant, according to the company. Also, unlike common surge suppressors which utilize fixed clamping voltage components, WVR-TSC is fully dynamic, as it can operate over the entire 85-volt to 265-volt range. Fixed clamping voltage components limit the functionality of surge suppressors, only allowing them to operate over a very narrow voltage range, the firm said. Pricing and shipping dates will be available at CES.