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Zenith Web Site Offers HDTV Program Listings

Zenith has reached an agreement with Decisionmark to provide an interactive online program guide that helps consumers see what television programs are being broadcast digitally in their markets.

Zenith said the intent of the agreement is “to help educate consumers about the growing amounts of free over-the-air high-definition television (HDTV) programming,” available to them.

The Zenith HDTV electronic program guide (EPG), began during the week of Sept. 23, 2002. It is described as “a customized version of Decisionmark’s Technology Retail Zone,” which has been offering DTV programming information as well as information on the best over-the-air antennas to purchase to receive DTV signals.

Consumers will enter their addresses to quickly determine which local TV stations are broadcasting digitally, what programs are available in HDTV, and to receive suggestions about antennas for optimal DTV reception at their location.

The new program follows the launch this month of Zenith’s largest advertising campaign to date, promoting its digital product lines.

“With the networks providing more HDTV programming this fall, along with the nearly 500 stations already broadcasting in digital, it makes perfect sense for Zenith to provide a comprehensive program guide for their customers to aid in DTV consumer awareness and education,” Decisionmark CEO Jack Perry said.

The deal was the first between Decisionmark and a leading consumer electronics manufacturer involving the online EPG and antenna finding services.

Web surfers will have access to the Decisionmark Retail Zone on Zenith’s site.

“We selected TitanTV technology to assist us because of the relationship Decisionmark has with the broadcast stations around the country as well as their proven data and technology,” said Sam Caputo, Zenith’s advertising and brand management director. “Because its technology is tied directly into the broadcasters themselves, we are assured that our customers will be receiving the most updated reception and programming information available anywhere.”

Dovetailing with the online HDTV EPG, Zenith also is running print ads below the TV listings page in USA Today. The ads feature Zenith HDTVs, and include listings of programs available in HDTV each night.