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Zenith Ships DirecTV HDTV Set-top Decoder

Zenith has started shipping its first digital HDTV set-top decoder box with integrated DirecTV standard and high definition reception capability.

The DTV-1080 carries a $799.95 suggested retail and combines an ATSC digital tuner with an NTSC analog tuner for over-the-air reception, along with Zenith’s first DirecTV integrated receiver descrambler for both standard and high definition programming. An advanced program guide combines channel listings for DirecTV programming, local over-the-air analog and digital channels and even local cable programming.

The DTV1080 is also among an elite class of products that offers switchable DTV output formats for 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i images. Also included is a multiple aspect ratio converter with various stretch and squeeze settings to help users adjust 4:3 and letter-boxed images to best fit the screen of today’s 16:9 HDTV monitors.

The box will connect to HDTV, EDTV and analog TV monitors with an assortment of audio and video output terminals including: HD Component video, HD RGB via 15-pin D-sub, S-video, composite video and RF.