Zenith HDTVs Make Winter Olympics


Zenith Electronics is supplied HDTV equipment at Sports Illustrated's hospitality venues here, in connection with the Winter Olympic Games.

Zenith is installed more than $300,000 worth of digital HDTV equipment –– including 60-inch widescreen plasma, direct-view HDTV monitors and digital HDTV set-top boxes –– throughout Sports Illustrated's key venues, here, such as its main hospitality center at the historic Union Pacific Railroad Depot in Salt Lake City and the Park City Marriott.

The centerpiece of the Sports Illustrated hospitality venues was 10 of Zenith's 60-inch plasma display panels, the model DPDP60W widescreen.

Separately, in conjunction with the ATSC Forum and the Organization of American States, Zenith installed HDTVs in Washington, D.C. for viewing of Olympic events broadcast in high-definition by NBC and HDNet.


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