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Z-Wave Thermostats Rising

Fremont, Calif. — The number of Z-Wave-enabled thermostats rose to an even dozen with the launch of three more models, the Z-Wave Alliance said on the second anniversary of the development of its Advanced Energy Savings Thermostat Device Class.

The three new models are the Intermatic i97 and the Wayne Dalton WDTC-20 and RCS TZ43.

The wireless Z-Wave home-control mesh-network technology is also available in thermostats from ACT, Danfoss, RCS, Horstmann and HAI. All are interoperable with the more than 300 Z-Wave products already on the market from more than 15 brands worldwide. Those products include lighting controls, appliance and motor controls, door and window controls, window coverings, pool pumps, motion, light and humidity sensors, and A/V controls, the alliance said.

“Z-Wave has made significant inroads into home energy management by reinforcing that true home energy conservation doesn’t stop at the meter, but rather requires the control of devices within the home,” claimed Mark Walters, chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance.

Geoff Williamson, chief marketing officer of alliance member Trilliant, called Z-Wave “a viable technology to link the smart meter to the thermostat and to other in-home devices for utility provider demand-management programs.”

“Our network solutions enable interval metering to support time-of-use rates for variable energy pricing, but it’s important to go beyond that and be able to adjust energy consuming devices, most notably the home thermostat, during critical peak periods when energy supply is strained,” he contended.