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Yurtopia Unveils Ear Bud Accessory

– Yurtopia will show its personalized, custom-fit ear bud enhancers, called
Yurbuds, here at International CES in Central Hall, Innovation Pod, IP3.

Yurbuds provide fit, comfort and premium quality sound while
allowing a user to listen at lower volumes on an MP3 player or mobile device,
said the company.

“Whether you are an athlete, business traveler, music lover,
gamer or simply an everyday headset/earphone user, Yurbuds ear bud enhancers
will revolutionize the way you enjoy your listening,” said Seth Burgett,
president and CEO.

Burgett came up with the idea for the enhancers when he was
training for an Iron Man triathlon and found his iPod earphones were both uncomfortable
and prone to falling out when worn for extended periods.

“Yurbuds simply slip over our high-quality earphones [Yurphones] or your existing ear buds to provide exceptional comfort and an unmatched fit
that stays in place with superb sound quality,” said Burgett. “Wearers can now
enjoy their earphones and Bluetooth headsets for hours without having to
adjust, remove or struggle with them, guaranteed.”

After purchasing a pair of custom Yurbuds, the user is prompted
to take a digital image of his or her ear and upload it to the Yurtopia site.

The company’s patent-pending Yurscan technology reads the user’s
ear size and shape to determine the right Yurbuds.

Yurbud ear bud enhancers work with earphones included with Apple
devices as well as earphones from Skullcandy, Monster Beats and Bose headphones,
among others.

Additionally, the ear bud enhancers work with Bluetooth headsets
from Motorola, Jawbone, BlueAnt, Plantronics and Jabra.

Yurbuds are available now at a suggested $19.99 retail.