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Youtoo Interactive Software Added To New ‘OK! TV’ Show

Los Angeles — Youtoo Technologies, a developer of interactive television software systems, said Friday that its technology has been integrated into OK! TV, a nationally syndicated, daily TV show that makes its debut Sept. 9.

Youtoo’s technology will enable viewers to directly interact with the TV program.

OK! TV is a nationally syndicated half-hour news magazine strip produced by American Media and Unconventional Partners. The show will focus on pop culture, celebrity news, gossip and lifestyle, leveraging the content of OK! Magazine, as well as American Media’s sister brands,, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Star, Country Weekly and Soap Opera Digest.

Using Youtoo’s platform, OK! TV will allow viewers to record video online and converse through Facebook and mobile applications in response to various questions asked by producers and the hosts.

Producers will then publish the user-generated content to social-networking sites, as well as mobile and Facebook apps and give viewers the chance to vote and comment in real time on approved videos created by others, the company said.

OK! TV will also cover updates on Youtoo Technologies throughout the first season of programming.

“As a show that covers entertainment, gossip and lifestyles of today’s favorite stars, the new media landscape is all about participation, and social [media] has proven celebrities can rise from unexpected places — even their living rooms!” said Michael Kelley, OK! TV’s executive producer for multi-platforms.

Youtoo Technologies is a software firm supplying private-label, interactive TV and gaming services to the entertainment industry. 

In 2011, Youtoo Technologies launched its development platform, Youtoo TV, a cable television network in 177 out of the top 200 television markets.  To date, Youtoo Technologies has broadcast more than 500,000 viewers and their social-media interactions on national television.