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Yamaha Upgrades Digital Sound Projectors

The latest virtual-surround surround bars in Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projector lineup add decoding off all authorized Blu-ray surround codecs, wireless connections to iPods and iPhones, and new volume-leveling technology.

A wireless subwoofer option is also available for the first time.

The $2,199-suggested YSP-5100 and $1,899-suggested YSP-4100 are due this month with optional tabletop pedestal at a suggested $349 and floor stand at $549. They incorporate speakers, amplifiers, surround decoding, virtual surround processing and an FM tuner in a single horizontal enclosure that can be mounted to a wall underneath a flat-panel TV. Both are thinner than their predecessors at 3.5 inches in depth.

Volume-leveling UniVolume technology maintains consistent sound levels when connected video sources are switched, TV channels are changed, and commercials interrupt a TV program. An included wireless transmitter, which uses proprietary yAired technology, attaches to iPods and iPhones to stream music in uncompressed PCM form to the surround bars from a distance. A supplied accessory package consisting of a yAired transmitter and receiver lets users add any powered subwoofer, which can be placed in an inconspicuous location in a room. The Blu-ray audio-codec complement includes Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS HD High Resolution.

Digital Sound Projectors incorporate multiple tiny drivers, each driven by its own dedicated digital amplifier, to create focused “beams” of direct and reflected sound waves that produce virtual multichannel surround effects. The YSP-4100 features 40 beam drivers plus two woofers, each with dedicated amplifiers. The YSP-5100 is identical but adds two tweeters with dedicated amplifiers.

Other features include Sirius Satellite Radio-ready capability, four 1080p-compatible HDMI inputs, compressed-music enhancer, Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) compatibility, 11 Cinema DSP Modes, HDMI up-conversion, RS-232C, IR passthrough out and extended IR for custom-installation functions and preset remote controls.