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Yamaha Diversifies With Premium Clock Radio

Buena Park, Calif. – Yamaha is diversifying into premium alarm-clock radios, planning shipments this month of a $199-suggested model that incorporates Bluetooth, nearfield communications for one-tap pairing, USB charging output, and control from iOS and Android apps.

The single-chassis retro-style TSX-B72 features AM/FM tuner, front-panel control knobs, and 16-watt output. The driver complement consists of a 1.6-inch full-range driver, a 2.1-inch woofer, and an SR-Bass passive radiator whose design is said to yield higher sound pressure levels than conventional passive-radiator designs, the company’s web site says. It also streams the AAC codec over Bluetooth.

With the launch, the company expands its assortment of home audio equipment, which in 2012 grew to include the company’s first Bluetooth speaker, a portable model. In 2013, the company went further upscale in its selection of two-channel stereo components with the launch of an integrated amp at $7,999 and a CD/SACD player at $6,999.

Yamaha offers home theater and stereo components, speakers, active sound bars, three-piece mini systems, single-chassis desktop audio systems, headphones, receiver-based HTiBs without Blu-ray players, an integrated Blu-ray HTiB, and Blu-ray players.

The 8.25 by 4.4 by 5.6-inch device features IntelliAlarm, which wakes people up with a gradual increase in sound. Three minutes before the alarm sounds at a pre-set time, the radio starts to play, but the sound fades in, initially filtering out high frequencies then gradually reproducing the entire audio spectrum.

The free DTA Controller app turns a smartphone or tablet into a full-function remote control for all IntelliAlarm features, including setting up day-by-day alarm times and radio presets and customizing fade-in times. The app also changes radio channels and adjusts sound.

The clock radio will be available in white, dark red and dark green.