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Xpand’s 3D Fashion Glasses Ready For Q2 Debut

– Riding the coattails of the 3D TV craze at International CES, Xpand previewed
its new range of 3D glasses at its press conference on Friday.

The X103 series, which works with almost every display that uses
infrared, will debut in Q2 with a light design (2.1 ounces) and in 12 colors,
including purple, yellow and blue. The glasses will have 300 hours of battery

During Q3/Q4, the company will offer what it calls its “holy
grail” of 3D glasses with its X104 series.

These will be ultra-light – made of titanium – and will be
Bluetooth-based. They will also be available in 12 colors and will have a
100-hour battery life.

Suggested retails are expected to range from $50 to $250 for the
highest-end models.