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XM Bows Satellite Radio For PCs

XM Satellite Radio has developed the first satellite radio receiver for personal computers, the XM PC Receiver (PCR), which is a paperback book-sized unit that plugs into the USB port of a PC to allow access to all XM channels.

The XM PCR is unique in that it allows users advanced access features and does not tax the PC’s microprocessor to deliver music, as does Internet radio or streaming music as used on the Sirius Web site, said XM. It also does not create “buffering” lags when switching or searching channels, said XM.

The XM PCR, which began shipping May 2, is available through the Internet or mail order via PC Connection at, or through XM’s Web site at Suggested retail is $69.95, including antenna. The PCR is expected to be offered by more retailers soon.

XM retail marketing and distribution VP Dan Murphy said the XM PCR user interface can be set to notify the user when a favorite artist is playing and to automatically tune to that channel. Users can re-sort the channel lineup to place their favorite stations first and can view which artists are playing on over 20 stations simultaneously while listening to another station.

The XM PCR includes a receiver, antenna, PC software CD-ROM, USB cable and an audio cable. XM claims setup takes only a few minutes. Antennae extension cables will be available as an option.