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X-Rite, Pantone Debut ColorMunki

Grand Rapids, Mich. — X-Rite and Pantone will introduce a line of color-management products for digital photography under the new ColorMunki brand, the firms said today.

The line will consist of the ColorMunki Photo, Design and Create products.

The Photo, for $499, ships this month and is geared toward professionals and advanced amateurs. It will include a monitor and printer spectrophotometer with software for creating printer and monitor profiles. A PrintSafe feature alerts users to which colors can be reproduced by a printer and which can’t, while a “DigitalPouch” self-executable application compresses images and alerts recipients that an updated monitor profile was used to create an image. The recipient will not need ColorMunki to view the incoming image.

Design, also due in March for $499, is geared toward graphic designers. It bundles the spectrophotometer and ColorMunki Palettes Creation and Profiling software. Custom color palettes created by the ColorMunki software can be imported into third-party design programs from Adobe and Quark.

An entry-level Create suite, for $149, will follow in June. It is geared toward “designers whose primary requirement is color palette creation,” the companies said.

X-Rite acquired Pantone, maker of the Huey consumer calibration device, in October 2007.