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X-Doria Enters Wearables With KidFit Monitor For Children

Santa Monica, Calif. –– Mobile device accessories supplier X-Doria has entered the wearables market with an interactive activity tracker for kids.

The KidFit is a wrist-worn wireless activity and sleep tracker with the form factor of a slap-band bracelet created specifically for children ages 5 to 13.

Along with the KidFit app, the monitor goes beyond counting calories or steps by setting easy to understand activity goals through game play. Built-in challenges center around key measures of health and encourage continued engagement for both the short and long term. Goals focus on key metrics such as hitting a daily target score, getting enough sleep and distance traveled, so children are rewarded when goals are met. Parents can create custom goals tied to real world rewards for extra motivation.

Daily activity targets are presented as a goal of 100 total points. The KidFit app gives timely feedback on progress via brightly colored “Results Cards,” encouraging kids to reach their daily targets.

The wristband links to the app on an iOS or Android mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0. Setup is as easy as downloading the KidFit app, pressing one button on the KidFit wristband and answering a few simple questions, X-Doria said.

Out of the box, KidFit will automatically set daily activity and sleep goals for a quick start. Parents looking to further refine their child’s KidFit goals can customize active time and sleep goals. Parents are encouraged to spend a few minutes at the end of each day to sync data and discuss the results with their child.

“Over the last three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled. Today, one in three children in our nation is overweight or obese,” said Matt Brown, X-Doria product development director. “With KidFit, children don’t necessarily need to be athletic to be successful and healthy; they just need to increase their physical activity during the day and get enough rest at night. By staying active and healthy, children learn good habits that will stick with them and help fight immediate issues like poor self-esteem, illnesses or eating disorders as well as long-term issues like diabetes and heart disease.”

KidFit has an IPX3 water-resistant rating and a rechargeable battery capable of up to seven days of monitoring.

It will be available Aug. 15 in black, aqua, hot pink, yellow and red. The suggested retail is $49.99. Pre-orders are now being accepted at The first 1,000 orders will get $10 off the regular retail price.