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Wynit Partners With GlobaTrac

North Syracuse, N.Y. — Wynit Distribution signed an exclusive supplier relationship with GlobaTrac, the designer and manufacturer of Trakdot, a positioning solution that provides worldwide location reporting for luggage.

“Trakdot is designed to offer peace of mind when travelling by air,” said Dave Dawson, purchasing senior manager of Wynit. “This device conveniently enables consumers to locate their checked in luggage upon arrival when they land.”

Under the agreement, Wynit will offer Trakdot to authorized resellers. The device features an artificial intelligence that complies with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, shutting off its transmit-and-receive capability and entering “airplane mode” by employing a solid-state accelerometer that senses sustained acceleration. The Federal Communications Commission-approved Trakdot is completely international and works wherever a cellular network exists, the distributor said.