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Wynit To Carry Dish Tailgater

North Syracuse,

Wynit has entered an
agreement with Dish and King Controls to distribute the Tailgater by Dish, a
portable satellite HDTV antenna designed for outdoor viewing including tailgating,
camping and RV-ing.

Tailgater by Dish is manufactured by King Controls and is a billed as a

low-priced portable, automatic HDTV satellite

antenna. Weighing just 10 pounds, the Tailgater
automatically locates satellite positions so there is no need for manual
adjustment, Wynit added.

distributor is offering retailers a complete Tailgater system that includes the
Tailgater by Dish antenna, a compatible Dish ViP 211k television receiver with
remote and 50 feet of coax cable. The system is available with a pay-as-you-go
programming package from Dish with no contract commitment. Current Dish
subscribers can use their existing programming package to access their favorite
programs while away from home, Wynit said.

interested in getting more information on the Tailgater by Dish bundle can
contact their account-dedicated Wynit sales professional or visit