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Proposed Bill Would Amend Copyright Act

WASHINGTON — Two separate bills to preserve consumers’ “Fair Use” recording rights to digital media were proposed by two House Democrats this month. About a week after the House Commerce Committee conducted a public hearing on draft language for possible legislation on the digital television transition, U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) presented a bill that would codify Fair Use rights, which had been addressed on in court decisions.

D-VHS Expands At CEDIA Expo

MINNEAPOLIS — JVC brought good news for HDTV fans to CEDIA Expo when it announced a new lineup of prerecorded HDTV movies in its HD D-VHS D-Theater format, and announced that Best Buy, Circuit City and Sears had agreed to carry JVC’S HM-DH30000U deck. To help support the format, JVC said it would provide “an expansive national marketing campaign” to coincide with the retail launches.

THX Certification To Cover Fixed-Pixel Video

MINNEAPOLIS — Lucasfilm-spinoff THX will extend its performance-certification program to video displays while maintaining its current THX Select and Ultra2 standards for home theater audio, the company said during the CEDIA Expo. The company also reiterated plans to certify the audio performance of video game software (see TWICE, June 17, page 3). In video displays, the company will “fairly quickly” develop performance standards for fixed-pixel video-projector technologies such as DLP, LCoS, and D-ILA, said R&D director Laurie Fincham.