Worth Ave. Touts iPhone Insurance

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Stillwater, Okla. - Worth Avenue Group is encouraging new iPhone 4S users to consider insuring their devices rather than purchasing an extended-warranty plan.

The full-service CE insurance provider, based here, claimed some iPhone warranties can leave consumers unprotected and potentially responsible for hundreds of dollars in replacement costs should something happen to their devices.

 "Most iPhone owners are unaware of just how much it will cost them each time they have some sort of accident," said Aaron Cooper, marketing director of the 40-year-old firm. "Unfortunately, a warranty only protects you the first time. If it happens again, you either purchase a new warranty and pay the deductible or spend the money buying a new phone."

Approximately 37 percent of iPhones are damaged annually, the company said, with many owners experiencing at least two or more incidents related to human error. Cracked screens, theft and water damage are among the iPhone's top claims categories.

Unlike an extended warranty, insurance can be purchased at any time and there is no limit on the number of claims that can be filed in one year. Coverage for the iPhone 4S through Worth Avenue is $89 per year with a $50 deductible.

Worth Avenue Group also provides accidental damage and theft coverage for iPads, laptop and desktop computers, TVs, digital cameras, PDAs and other CE devices. Licensed in all 50 states, the company is underwritten by A-rated Hanover Insurance and has serviced thousands of customers and more than 2,000 schools nationwide. For more information, visit




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