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Wlotzko Named To Head Panasonic Consumer Sales

Secaucus, N.J. – Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company has named Mike Wlotzko president of the Sales Group, succeeding David Bearden, who retired at the end of March.

Prior to his appointment, Wlotzko was corporate sales director for Panasonic Computer Solutions Company. He has been with Panasonic for the last 11 years of his 25 years in the computer systems business.

“When I started with Panasonic Computer Solutions, sales were about $30 million per year, but we have grown that to half a billion dollars in 10 years,” Wlotzko said, “My goal is to lead Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company to the same kind of sales growth and market leadership that we have enjoyed in ruggedized PCs.”

Wlotzko is from Cincinnati and will continue to reside there while keeping an office in Panasonic’s Secaucus headquarters. “It is critical that I spend most of my time working directly with our valued customers, and to that end, I expect to spend 60 percent of my time in the field, so Cincinnati’s central location is perfect.”

“We’re excited about bringing Mike over to the consumer electronics business of Panasonic,” said Martin Kono, president of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. “We know he is an innovative leader who will bring his experience from the highly competitive computer systems business to the equally competitive consumer electronics business.”