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Withings Launches New Fitness Dashboard App

The free app enables a user to store, access and manage weight, physical activity, heart and sleep data transmitted from the company’s Wi-Fi-enabled health devices, such as the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, BodyMedia FIT armbands, Zeo Personal Sleep Coach and Runkeeper. It also allows Withings users to seamlessly export their weight data to more than 60 fitness-friendly partner apps.

The Health Companion aggregates the data from the various devices into a single user-friendly dashboard, the company said.  

In addition to collecting and displaying data, the app gives users a visual representation of their health in the form of a butterfly that is comprised of four colored wings: weight (pink), activity (orange), sleep (blue) and heart (green). The colored wings represent how well users are monitoring their health and also whether the data collected by the health tracking devices show that goals are being met. The wing colors grow and shrink based on the users’ data, giving them a quick glance at their comprehensive health without reading specific numbers.

The app also allows a user to log data manually for tracking without a connected device; set reminders and weekly achievable goals to monitor progress; see historical health charts for each area of data — weight, activity, heart and sleep — and share results with physicians, family members or fitness partners via email.

The new app is available now from the Apple App Store. It will be available soon for Android devices, the company said.

 More information on Withings’ health and fitness devices is available on the company’s website.