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Wisdom To Unfurl Flagship Speakers


Wisdom Audio will be
a high roller in Vegas, where the company will attend
International CES with its highest-end in-room
speaker series to date.

The Wisdom series consists of two line-source
planar-magnetic tower speakers priced at $30,000
and $40,000 each. The line-source design delivers “a
coherent acoustical wavefront with ultra-wide horizontal
dispersion and controlled vertical dispersion,” the
company said.

Because each model is only 12 inches deep, interior
designers can them behind decorative, acoustically
transparent cloth for a completely hidden installation,
the company said.

The LS4 is 80 inches-tall, and the LS3 is 60 inches-tall.

Both models feature curved arc enclosures with
burled-walnut panels. Additional finishes will be available,
including matte black for behind-the-screen installation.