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Wisdom ReadiesBehind-ScreenPlanar Speakers

Wisdom Audio plans to launch two Sage-series line-source planar-magnetic in-wall speakers whose 50-inch heights were designed for installation behind increasingly popular 2.35:1 aspect-ratio projection screens.

A suitcase-shaped subwoofer is also new.

“There was demand for models incorporating our line-source technology that could physically fit behind the increasingly popular 2.35:1 aspect ratio screens without protruding above or below,” said president Mark Glazier. The company’s other in-wall line-source models are 75-inches-tall.

Like other Sage series speakers, the new models feature Audyssey MultEQ XT room-correction technology embedded in their active two-way crossovers to alter speaker response to compensate for distortion that might be caused when a perforated screen is in front.

Pricing and availability were unavailable at press time.

The L100i and C150i use planar-magnetic line-source technology to reproduce mid and high frequencies. The L100i uses one eight-woofer array at one side of the speaker to reproduce bass frequencies, and the C150i uses an eight-woofer array on both sides. Both are designed for vertical installation. They are meant to be used with biamplifying SC-1 electronic crossover and, to drive the woofers, an outboard SC-1 amplifier.

The Sage series consists of more than 20 in-wall, on-wall and in-room speakers from 20- to 76-inches-tall.

Also new is a $4,000-suggested in-room powered sub whose suitcase shape allows for placement options unavailable from box-shaped subs. The 37-inch by 22-inch by 6-inch sub, a smaller powered version of the Sage series S90i in-wall subwoofer, is designed for rooms in which an in-wall sub isn’t feasible. It fits under or behind furniture. Also contributing to placement flexibility is the subwoofer’s configurable enclosure, which allows installers or consumers to select one of three sides on which the bass port will vent.

The sub features dual 5- by 7-inch woofers, a 300-watt internal amp, and SPLs exceeding 120dB at 22 Hz. It ships in the fourth quarter.