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Wireless Power Technologies Square Off At International CES

LAS VEGAS – Three major players in the wireless power market are on hand at International CES to tout their respective technologies.

WiTricity is introducing it first “wireless power over distance” products, including a line for the iPhone 5.

The highly resonant wireless power-transfer technology charges devices over distance and through a variety of materials, including wood, granite, plastic and glass.

The WiTricity charging system is being made available as a reference design for companies that want to apply the technology for charging other smartphones, tablets or consumer electronic devices.

The first WiTricity charging system for the iPhone 5/5s includes a wireless charging hub and a protective charging sleeve that fits over the device. The sleeve is powered when in proximity to the WiTricity charging hub. Capable of charging two phones concurrently, the charging hub can be placed on top of a table as an upright or flat charging pad, or mounted underneath a table or desk for charging through the surface.

WiTricity is stressing the positional freedom of the technology, its multiple device charging using a single charging coil, and the installation flexibility it offers for placement under surfaces without drilling or cutting.

“We’ve seen the transformative nature of our foundational highly resonant wireless power transfer technology in the automotive, medical and military fields, and now plan to change the game in consumer electronics,” said Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity. “This is an incredibly exciting time for resonant wireless power, and we’re excited to be leading the charge to a wireless future.”

WiTricity’s charging system will be offered as a development system to mobile device manufacturers, charging accessory developers, and furniture designers to accelerate development of their own wireless charging products. The system is architecturally compatible with next-generation wireless power standards being developed by the leading standards organizations, and offers the flexibility to be adapted to a wide variety of smartphones, tablets and wearable computing devices, the company said.

WiTricity is in booth 35863.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is at the show to introduce the latest wireless charging products using the Qi standard. The group also said it will be offering a sneak peek at what it is calling the next evolution of the Qi standard, with prototypes in booth SL-2 in the South Hall 3 lobby connector on the second floor, directly across from the press room.

WPC executives will be available to discuss predictions for the wireless charging industry and how they see the industry coming together in 2014.

Some of the newest products being showcased include chargers for phones and tablets including the Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020, and others.

Qi technology in the automotive and gaming markets will also be demonstrated.

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) is on hand to debut the first charging products under the Rezence brand using the organization’s wireless power technology.

The Rezence logo will be used to support the A4WP product certification program by providing a recognizable icon that member companies can add to Rezence-certified product packaging, technical literature and future software applications.

The A4WP’s product certification program began in December.

Rezence uses magnetic resonance to extend wireless power applications “beyond the mat and accessories market” into mobile devices. The technology can be embedded in almost any surface.

The A4WP said one of the benefits of the technology is its easy integration into existing furniture and surfaces for deployment in retail stores, restaurants and public locations such airports.

Rezence takes advantage of broadly adopted wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth Smart, which will allow manufacturers to minimize hardware requirements; Rezence also provides flexibility to industrial designers for charging applications to be installed into automobile interiors, office furniture and other surfaces in the home.

For consumers, Rezence allows for a true “dropand- charge experience,” including the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices, the A4WP said.

“The new Rezence brand is much more than an icon — it’s a promise to consumers that devices carrying the Rezence logo will be interoperable with one another,” said Chang Yeong Kim, executive VP and head of digital media and communication research and development center of member company Samsung Electronics. “Rezence will allow us to move forward and bring consumer-friendly wireless charging to the global marketplace.”

In other news, the A4WP said it will reveal at CES the identity of a “major PC OEM” that has agreed to join the alliance.